Preparing to share knowledge

Hello everyone,

I am Anand B from Bangalore. Having 15+ Years of professional experience and 9+ years of freelancing experience.

In the entire experience, we learn from many sources using books, blogs, videos, podcasts, peers, mentors, juniors, seniors, friends, Kids, family and finally not to forget your better half (Spouse).

In my Professional experience,
I started has .Net programmer and later have worked on various technologies like

  1. UI (Angular, React,etc),

  2. APIs (Traditional Web API, .Net Core, NodeJs),

  3. Multi Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure),

  4. Open Source tools (Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible etc)

  5. Messaging systems (RabbitMq, Kafka, EventHub, Service Bus etc)

  6. DevOps streams (Jenkins, AWS, Azure etc) mentioned very few as the list is very big.

In Freelancing experience,
I have worked on 100+ projects in various domains and thought around 1000+ students in various streams to have a good professional careers.

As, I got the feedback from many of my friends, students and well-wishers to convert the learning to BLOGs, Videos, etc.

So, Started to share the knowledge using this platform.

Love learning and sharing knowledge that was learnt in my experience and believe in knowledge is acquired with understanding, analyzing, recalling, learning, remembering, applying your knowledge, evaluating, creating and sharing.

Please help to learn from mistakes by sharing your valuable feedback.

Do follow me and support :)